Toolbox, a leading technology company specializing in OTT and TV Everywhere solutions, introduces Toolbox Go, a simple and affordable solution with fast deployment meant for everyone looking to enter the OTT industry.

It is a simplified technology package that allows you to carry all traditional TV offers to the OTT world in no time and with a highly competitive business model. Those who don’t have their OTT yet will be able to stream Live signals and VoD content to their whole audience anytime, anywhere, without making large capital investments. The initial package includes up to 30 live signals that can be expanded according to the needs of each business.

Toolbox Go enables the fastest market debut: Its standardized and easy-to-deploy system is pre-integrated with leading TV and content provider operators, as well as Toolbox’s complete suite of enterprise solutions. This massive support allows Toolbox Go to offer faster speeds in business activation, achieving a perfect time synchronization with other areas for a successful app launch.

Toolbox Go has everything content providers and zonal or niche TV operators need to transform into OTT, such as topics related to user validation, Live and VoD content management, and experience, as well as other benefits meant to build a successful business.

With an innovative business model that requires no prior investment in hardware and software, Toolbox makes its technology available to the customer, who will only have to pay a fee for the OTT to achieve an excellent quality in viewing experience, which supports high-concurrency events and ensures the highest load speed and lowest latency on the market.

The launch of Toolbox Go is a big challenge for Toolbox. Not only will it provide compelling solutions to industry leaders through its renowned suite of enterprise solutions that are marketed in more than 30 countries. It also hopes to bridge the gap in business entry for any TV Operator or Content Provider striving for a D2C business model, leading to new ideas for the needs of this segment.