Cloud Pass® is the main access to the Toolbox Federated Network, where any player of the OTT industry can easily connect to more than 280 MSOs and over more than 70 Content Providers worldwide. 

Authentication Methods

Improve your user experience and crackdown on password sharing

  • IP Login
  • Social Login
  • Passwordless Login
  • One time login tokens / codes

Custom Login Forms

Give multi-device login to your clients with your own branding

  • Responsive
  • Captcha secured
  • Client-side rendering (React)

Device Limit

Set-up your own business rules for authentication session throttling

  • Configure the number of active devices for each session according to the subscription pack

Monitoring Tools

A simple way to manage your integrations

  • MVPD authn and authz services automatic monitoring that trigger failover response in case of failure.
  • Debug tool to verify user access to basic and premium packages.

Integration Management

Our specialized team add value to your business. We understand the process and the needs of the business, empowering our clients to enhance the use of our tools.

  • Free new standard integrations.
  • Integration support service.
  • Migration service management.

Access to Toolbox Federated Network

User trends & stats
Add INSIGHTS to your Cloud Pass® solution

Use INGISHTS to know everything about your users. Who they are, what they enjoy and also what they would really love to watch.
Download unprocessed info to make your own graphics & stats.

Cloud Pass®

  • Traffic support at high-concurrency events guaranteeing the service-level agreement (SLA).
  • 24/7 support
  • All data is stored to generate reports
  • Security. Data generation and protection. All generated data is securely documented, encrypted and stored.
  • Scalabiltiy

Boost your business with TOOLBOX ID – Subscription management solutions:

  • CLOUD PASS® – User Authentication & Authorization
  • TOOLBOX PAY – Unified Payment Integrations & Recurrency Billing +Info
  • TOOLBOX AFFILIATE – Third-Party Affiliate Management +Info      

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