All the people who work in technology know that the variables of a project can change at any time. Luckily, there is a methodology called SCRUM that helps us to keep the focus on what is really important and solve the problems that arise in the path as a team.

A curious fact is that the Scrum refers to a rugby play in which the forwards embrace, form a compact human group and measure forces against the opponent. The interesting thing is that although they are all together, each one has a different role and objective that makes the whole.

This way of working arose in companies of technological products, and is appropriate for any type of project with unstable requirements and for those that require speed and flexibility, frequent situations in the development of certain software systems.

How to implement the Scrum in your project??

1 – Choose your Product Owner

It is going to be the person who has to make sure that all the members of the team work properly and without losing sight of the business needs. Among other things, the Product Owner helps the users to write their stories, prioritize them, and place them in the Product Backlog.

2 – Designate your ScrumMaster

This person is very important because he/she will fulfill the mission of being a facilitator. His/her main job to help others eliminate the obstacles that prevent the team from achieving the goal of the sprint. Be careful! He/she is not the leader of the team because the team must self-organize, but it is the person who has to ensure that the team reach their objectives and times, avoiding distractions.

3 – Build your development team

It is always better if it is a small group, ideally no more than 9 members with different skills (analysis, structure, development, testing, design, documentation, etc.). The team has the responsibility to finishes the product.

4 – Manager

It is essential. This person or group of people should establish the environment for the development of the project.

5 – Define the SPRINTS

It is putting time to work. Generally, the ideal thing to do is to organize a weekly meeting where objectives are explained, roles and functions are distributed, commitments are assumed. The meeting only fulfills its objective when each of the people has super clear what they have to do.

6 – Let Stakeholders participate

There are people who intervene in the development process, but do not elbow or have a formal role in the scrum process. The stakeholders are usually clients, commercial people, suppliers, Marketing Managers, among others.

Implementing SCRUM to work processes will guarantee flexibility before changes, reduction of Time to Market, Higher software quality, Higher productivity, Maximize return on investment (ROI), Predicting times, reducing risks.

Go for it!  Use SCRUM in your next project and please tell us how you are doing!

Work methodologies that guarantee flexibility before changes, time to market reduction, software quality, greater productivity, maximize ROI, predict times and reduce risks.

Contribution: Technology + Marketing